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Plagron Royalmix, 50L


  • €19,90

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Royal substrate Plagron Royalmix, 50L with a balanced ratio of top quality peat and organic fertilizer. Prewashed for six weeks.

Detailed Product Description
Pregrowed soil substrate Plagron Royalmix in a 50-liter package contains complete plant nutrition for 6 weeks. A royal good and organic mixture of selected peat, pearlite, microcompost, bacteria, minerals is enriched with a nutritional mix of organic NPK fertilizers. This lightweight clay with optimal structure is nothing at all. Perlite and fibers guarantee excellent airiness, vermicompression promotes vital plant growth and improved water capture capability. Specialty is the gradual release of nutrients according to the needs of plants.

Before using the Royalmix substrate, wash 50L well and pour with water. The nutrients last for a maximum of six weeks, then additional fertilizers must be added according to the state of the plant. PH values 6.5-7.5, EC 1.5-2. Packaging 50l.